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All icons (and other small inline images), mainly GIF, from the Gallery. See also ExNet's free icons.

acorn on slate blue 32x32 icon AJHD.gif ... wrestling


ThumbnailExhibit Name
Thumbnailacorn on slate blue 32x32 icon AJHD.gif (Leaves and Greenery)

[594B]Adam portrait1 icon AJHD.gif (Calibration)

JPEG image processed in xv---reduced in size to 32x32, then converted to 8-bit mode, then brightened and saturation reduced, then saved as GIF with reduced colours:

Thumbnailball lit from top left mono JH.gif (Math)

folder bluebell ... (2)

folder brain ... (4)

ThumbnailExhibit Name
Thumbnailbrass tap blue background AJHD.gif (Office Motes)
[563B]bread white one slice 32x32 icon DHD.gif (Food and Drink)
Thumbnail[has location information] British Isles altas view of England Scotland Wales and Ireland small DHD.gif (Earth Views)
Thumbnailburgundy towelling 32x32 icon DHD.gif (Textures and Surfaces)
[809B]cactus single flower 3 DHD.gif (Cactus Flowers)

32x32 GIF icon:


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