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Images and other multimedia materiel from our lavatorial heritage... (See the book from Adam Hart-Davis (Thunder, Flush and Thomas Crapper ISBN 1-85479-250-4) or the jakes' on you...)

Crapper did not invent the WC.

Euphemisms (at least for the Brits) for "toilet" or "lavatory" or "lav" or "dunny" that Adam lists include: bog, cloakroom, close stool, closet, commode, convenience, garderobe, gents, heads, jakes, khazi, ladies, latrine, loo, necessary, netty, place of easement, powder room, privy, smallest room, thunder-box, water-closet, and WC.

See our collected toilet lore and links.

And to be serious for a moment, as a result of sewer systems built by the Victorians in England, the infant mortality rate decreased to about 1% over the next 100 years. In countries such as Bangladesh it is still as high as 12%.

Contamination of drinking water is still the single biggest killer in the world and it always has been. As such, the humble lavatory is the greatest device ever invented in medical history.
says Adam Hart-Davis.

Crapper myth letter to New Scientist 1 AJHD.gif ... Crapper myth letter to New Scientist 1 AJHD.jpg


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ThumbnailCrapper myth letter to New Scientist 1 AJHD.gif (Toilets)
ThumbnailCrapper myth letter to New Scientist 1 AJHD.jpg (Toilets)

Letter to New Scientist 1998/08/29:

The review of David Bellamy's book on poo perpetrates the myth that Thomas Crapper invented the flushing cistern.

Crapper (1836--1910) was a Victorian plumber. His company, Thomas Crapper & Co, did make flushing toilets and he did lodge a number of patents, but he did not invent anything important. Flushing cisterns had been around for hundreds of years before he set up his business in Chelsea in 1861.

Adam Hart-Davis

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