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Recreation and Sport

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In Dieser Rubrik

This collection covers various forms of recreation, though also see Food and Drink for people enjoying themselves in bars and pubs, and Music.

Some people even consider sailing in Tall Ships to be recreation, apparently!

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Thumbnail[has location information] benchpress outdoor wooden in open grassy space Plouzane Brittany France BG.jpg (Recreation and Sport)

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Thumbnail[has location information] Budweiser horses Winter national drag races in Pomona California CA US 1 CF.jpg (Recreation and Sport)

See the working horses with elaborate and beautiful shining harnesses pulling a carriage!

Charles says: ``Here is a photo that I took at the Winter nationals drag races in Pomona, CA. The driver of the Budweiser King dragster got a ride behind the famous horses.

It makes a really nice 8 X 10.''

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  • bungee = bungy


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