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A study of money including the beautiful artwork in banknotes and coins and other (legal) tender. Numismatic: coins, currency, cash, wonga, dosh, the readies, currency, funds, savings, finance, dough!

  • credit = Provision of services/goods/money in return for promise of future payment, often with interest. (UK residents can and should regularly check their credit file (eg for fraudulent activity) with Experian (0870 241 6212), Equifax (08700 100 583) and Call Credit (0870 060 1414).)

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  • credit card = credit cards, carta de crédito, plastic, debit card, charge card, prepaid card, virtual card, gold card, platinum card, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, AMEX, American Express

directory credit cards ... (11)

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