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In Dieser Rubrik

Maths, probability, knots, topology and related puzzles and science. See also our science section.

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directory actuarial ... (2)

ThumbnailName des Austellungsstuecks
Thumbnailball lit from top left mono JH.gif (Mathematics)
[566kB]cards being shuffled BG.au (Mathematics)

directory chance ... (6)

  • chance = fluke, coincidence, luck, probability, possibility, random

directory compass ... (2)

ThumbnailName des Austellungsstuecks
Thumbnailhexagonal close packing magenta spheres green backdrop 1 AJHD.jpg (Mathematics)

directory knot ... (24)

directory math ... (16)

ThumbnailName des Austellungsstuecks
ThumbnailPenrose tiles 1 AJHD.jpg (Mathematics)

Professor Roger Penrose discovered that just two tiles can be used to tile an infinite plain without gaps and without ever repeating itself. Here are the tiles.

directory raffle ... (6)


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