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About This Category

This section contains calibration items, primarily to set up and test the equipment and software we use, and to see what sort of settings to use. If you really want to use exhibits from this section, you may, but remember that these are not meant to be works of beauty!

adam ... wood and leather desktop closeup DHD.jpg


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ThumbnailExhibit Name
[847kB]rotation fan and carousel 1 DHD.rm (Calibration)
[3kB]sample Rich Text Format document DHD.rtf (Calibration)
[1kB]test DHD.jp2 (Calibration)

Synthetic test image written with the JAI/IIO drivers.

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ThumbnailExhibit Name
Thumbnailwood and leather desktop closeup DHD.jpg (Calibration)

Taken with Canon Ixus 700, superfine, highest-available resolution.


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