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About This Category

A collection of the bizarre, the funny, the unlikely and the just plain stupid at the suggestion of BG!

And here's a site of really weird images!

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Thumbnailblunt but wise advice at Notting Hill Tube station London England after innocent man mistaken and shot as potential bomber some days earlier after running from police into Stockwell Tube station ANON.jpg (Bizarre)

Arrived over the Net called "Notting Hill Gate.jpg". Picture of a "Service Information" board for 26 July 2005, bearing the message "NOTICE TO ALL PASSENGERS: Please do not run on the platforms or concourses. Especially if you are carrying a rucksack, wearing a big coat or look a bit foreign. This notice is for your own safety. Thankyou." Fine British morgue humour in grim circumstances, IMHO...

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[2MB]Britains Finest armed forces NOT covering themselves in glory in beach landing ANON.wmv (Bizarre)

Arrived by email over the Net called "BritainsFinest.wmv". Looks like they beached on quicksand!

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Thumbnailcat kitten with silly hat dancing animated 1 DHD.gif (Bizarre)

Arrived over the Net by email as "Cool kat".

ThumbnailCCTV footage of woman in small shop falling down open trapdoor animated mono 1 ANON.gif (Bizarre)

Arrived over email with the subject "Oh and a packet of peanuts love". May be a spoof, but in any case shows the danger of leaving unguarded deep holes. (I nearly fell down one full of concentrated sulphuric acid as a kid!)

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  • chav = chavette, yob, youf, townie, scally, ned, kev, spide, charver, uncouth, scum, white trash, eurotrash, trailer trash, common, vulgar

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