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ATE - Amy Trustram Eve (124)

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(c) ATE: Amy Trustram Eve.

bikes in bicycle shop mono ATE.jpg ... waterfall


MiniaturaNombre del Objeto
Miniaturabikes in bicycle shop mono ATE.jpg (Partes Mecánicas)

Scanned at 100dpi from own print.

Miniaturacacti mono 1 ATE.jpg (Hojas y Follaje)
Miniatura[has location information] cat sunbathing on roof mono ATE.jpg (Ciencia Natural)

  • cat = Felis sp, cats, chat, Katze, gato, gatto, feline, neko, 猫, 貓, moggy, moggie, pussy, pussycat


Miniaturacats on wall looking for a good time mono ATE.jpg (Ciencia Natural)

  • cats = cat, Felis spp, felines, 猫, 貓


directory croatia ... (22)

MiniaturaNombre del Objeto
Miniaturaempties glass beer bottles cans on and under table after outdoors concert and party 1 ATE.jpg (Comida y Bebida)

directory england ... (11)

MiniaturaNombre del Objeto
Miniaturafrost on window mono ATE.jpg (Ciencia Natural)

Scanned at 100dpi from own print.

Miniaturafuel tanks mono ATE.jpg (Partes Mecánicas)

For mopeds or small bikes, hanging up at a stall at Porta Portese flea market, 1995.

directory germany ... (12)


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