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Site Diary: Busy, Busy!

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Busy, Busy!

Somehow today seems very busy and traumatic with my 14-month-old daughter nearly climbing (and falling) out of her cot, then later pushing her chair over backwards at the kitchen table half scaring herself and her mum to death! And all the while under the weather from another cold for which had to go to the doctor to be checked out...

Meanwhile I'm putting up a bunch of New York photos from Simone Kay (a new contributor to the Gallery) who borrowed our Canon Ixus when she went there last month; thanks Simone!

(I still have a huge backlog of photos from Adam, Clive and Conor!)

Today I put up some ambient sound samples that I collected yesterday; I'm still trying to get the hang of the iKey Plus digital recorder and the free/simple/good Audacity audio editor...

The Gallery's US server/mirror, which is currently one of the two machines that you hit if you type gallery.hd.org in your browser's address bar, had been getting sicker and sicker and had crashed entirely a few times, so I've upgraded it. The new host is more than 4x faster, has more than 4x bandwidth, etc, etc, compared to the old one, and is warming up alongside the old one to take over in the next day or so.

I've been very happy to get away from Windows to a UNIX-powered Apple MacBook, so I've written up why I like it! The short version is that the MacBook fast and robust and I don't have to spend all day fending off unnecessary security problems.

Damon Hart-Davis, 2 March 2007.

PS: Spent many hours on the night of the 3rd taking pictures of the total lunar eclipse (mine are marked 'DHD') of which this picture at totality clearly shows the deep red colour of the light reaching the Moon through the Earth's atmosphere. Exposure times varied from about 1/500th to 30s (and aperture f2.8 to f8.0) through the set of photos, with images taken in a range of formats (JPEG, TIFF, and Sony RAW as TIFF). This was almost the first time I've used this Sony DSC-F828 in fully manual mode, because the auto-everything logic was defeated by the strange subject matter. The camera was on extreme zoom most of the time, and performed really well.

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