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Site Diary: I Don't Do Blogs!

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I Don't Do Blogs!

I've resisted setting up a personal blog of any sort for the same reason that I've never really kept a diary: I'm sure that most of the things that I do every day are of no interest to anyone (even myself!) and so my ramblings would just add noise to the Universe.

However, there are a few events in the life of the Gallery that deserve to live beyond their brief presence in the 'News' section, which is what I'll be writing about in these occasional pieces.

First off, there's a secret AI (Artificial Intelligence) project lurking in the Gallery (well, not very secret at all, but I don't expect many Gallery visitors to be interested). You can help the Gallery try to select the best exhibits automatically by:

  1. Voting for exhibits that you like and against those you don't when you are offered a vote.
  2. Running the SETI@home-style worker on your home computer when it's on anyway and you're not using it flat-out. The worker uses spare CPU cycles on your machine to try to find better ways of classifying exhibits (2D still images only at this stage).
Searching for better classifiers never stops, because each time a new vote comes in, or an old one expires, or exhibits are added, the problem changes a little bit!

And if you haven't tried it yet, please have a look at the 3D viewer. It's quite a different way to look at the Gallery, with all the images laid out on a 3D grid. It could make browsing through the whole collection very easy and quick. Everyone seems to have gotten very excited about the 3D effects in Microsoft's new "Vista"...

I will do some reviews of the equipment (eg cameras, digital recorders and scanners) used for the Gallery, as they tend to get quite a good work-out. You can see various 'test' exhibits in the calibration section.

I also intend to look at the provenance/source of various of the best exhibits/images in the Gallery, and tell the story behind them and link them into order.

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