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My Favourites from Adam's Pictures

The Gallery started with some photos that Adam (AJHD) was going to throw away, since they were not quite good enough for him to sell. I begged him to let me put them on the Net, where they are great at Web resolution, etc.

water drops 1 water drop in still water Some of the earliest contribution and all-time favourites are the water-drop images, which are very beautiful and restful and easy on the eye. You can possibly imagine how good the original transparencies are!

As an experiment I tried cutting down one or two of Adam's images into icons and tiles, eg:

champagne cork flying Another popular one with blogs and the like is Adam's champagne cork popping/flying which so far as I know was entirely faked, as these things have to be, with a sawn-off bottle neck and some kind of water jet providing the liquid!

13-year-old village girl Soraya As well as the old favourites, here are some of his images from a recent trip of his to Bangladesh, of which I think one of the most striking is this one of Soraya.

To pick another continent: I like the sense of openness and potential modernity in this Nairobi shot. I've been to the top and bottom of Africa but nowhere between, and I like to think that this gives a flavour, though possibly not a very flattering one.

For almost all of Adam's images that we hold here, very similar and better and higher-resolution versions are held at the Science Photo Library (SPL) in London England (tel: +44 (0) 20 7432 1100) for use on normal commercial terms. If you need something for print and/or at a higher resolution then you can find on the Gallery, please try the SPL and tell them that we sent you!

Damon Hart-Davis, February 2007.

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