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This is the central scene in Chamber A.   There are many figures either side of this scene forming two processions of gods that lead up to this central meeting of Teshub and Hebat.   The figures in this picture are, left to right, as follows.   First is probably Teshub's brother, standing astride two mountain peaks.   Next is Teshub, the weather god, who is bearded and wears a tall, conical hat and a short-skirted tunic; he stands on the shoulders of two mountain gods (probably Namni and Hazzi).   Facing him is the sun goddess Hebat wearing a fluted, cylindrical hat and a blouse and long skirt; she stands on the back of a large feline, which is in turn standing on mountain peaks.   Behind her is Sharrumma, the son of Teshub and Hebat.   He is the only male figure in the procession behind Hebat.   He too stands and the back of a feline that is standing on mountain peaks.   Next come two female figures: the first is identified as Alanzu, the daughter of Teshub and Hebat; the second might be their granddaughter.   They are dressed similarly to Hebat, but the clothes aren't as full and flowing as hers; they are supported by a double headed eagle with wings spread.
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(Earth Views): Turkey Yazilikaya Hittite temple world heritage site carving climactic scene in Chamber A SEW.jpg
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