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Bruno says: I just couldn't resist taking this picture when I saw this line of poplars framing the four towers of Cattenom's nuclear power plant releasing water vapour into the atmosphere. To be perfectly honest, I have to mention that, if the trees are bare, this is because the photograph was taken in mid-winter on a rather cold day.
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(Lugares y Vistas de la Tierra): France Lorraine Cattenom nuclear power plant tweaked BG.jpg
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Una sección de lugares y vistas de alrededor del mundo, clasificados por ubicación, e incluyendo maravillas naturales y artificiales. Esto puede ayudarle a tener una idea de cómo alguna partes del mundo son. Ver también Aloha Earth para acercarse o alejarse en el mapa de la tierra para localizar exhibiciones.

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Miniatura[has location information] France Lorraine Cattenom nuclear power plant BG.jpg (Lugares y Vistas de la Tierra)

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Miniatura[has location information] France Nancy Place Stanislas to the Pepiniere park BG.jpg (Lugares y Vistas de la Tierra)

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Bruno says: Right in the center of the town, the Stanislas square in Nancy is considered one of the nicest in Europe. The four corners of the square are closed by golden arches and fountains, which are sometimes used as bathtubs by students leaving the local night-clubs. In the center stands a statue of Stanislas. Stanislaw I Lesczczynski, King of Poland, was ousted by Augustus II during a succession war in 1733 and was subsequently given the duchies of Bar and Lorraine by his son-in-law, Louis XV. While being Duke of Lorraine, Stanislas embellished the town of Nancy and gave it the square which now bears his name. By going through the arch visible on the photograph and turning left, one can reach the ``Parc de la Pépinière'' which includes a zoo, some interesting looking trees and plants and a music kiosk. The park is also used for a number of art or music exhibitions and gatherings during the summer.

Miniatura[has location information] France Lorraine Thionville ultralight plane about to land BG.jpg (Lugares y Vistas de la Tierra)

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