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£££ Money £££

credit-cards- 8



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(£££ Money £££): credit cards VISA MasterCard with embedded chip UK issued consumer and business foil holograms issuers Barclaycard Egg Clydesdale closeup 8 DHD.jpg
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  • credit = Provision of services/goods/money in return for promise of future payment, often with interest. (UK residents can and should regularly check their credit file (eg for fraudulent activity) with Experian (0870 241 6212), Equifax (08700 100 583) and Call Credit (0870 060 1414).)

  • closeup = close-up/macro; tightly framed and imaged at a relatively large scale

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About This Category

A study of money including the beautiful artwork in banknotes and coins and other (legal) tender. Numismatic: coins, currency, cash, wonga, dosh, the readies, currency, funds, savings, finance, dough!

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Thumbnail[has location information] UK bank and credit cards and smartcard and coins early 2000s 1 DHD.jpg (£££ Money £££)

Note the holograms and embedded smart-card with gold-plated contacts. The cards include VISA and MasterCard credit cards issued by Barclaycard, and a Switch debit card (and ATM card) issued by the Clydesdale Bank.

Thumbnailcredit card and bank cards UK issued Barclaycard VISA Nationwide VISA debit Clydesdale Switch DHD.jpg (£££ Money £££)

  • credit card = credit cards, carta de crédito, plastic, debit card, charge card, prepaid card, virtual card, gold card, platinum card, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, AMEX, American Express

All have now been replaced with "Chip-and-PIN" anti-fraud smartcards.


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