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AI Exhibit Scorers - Alpha

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Gallery AI Exhibit Scorers: Remote Computations Page

This allows remote users/computers to assist in the search for good Scorer parameter sets, in the style of the famous SETI@home project.

A remote user willing to donate some CPU cycles to this project from a machine with Java 1.6 (JSE6) installed, can run a JWS (Java Web Start) application to assist with the heavy-lifting work searching for better Scorers. The application is safe (fully-sandboxed pure Java) and attempts to minimise bandwidth consumption (which may cost real money). The application also attempts to run in a way that can co-exist with normal usage, eg of a user's PC by avoiding using all available CPU and memory, in order to maximise the range of machines on which it can be run.

This application should not be run on machines where it is not authorised to be run, and/or that are used for time- or mission- critical applications, which this may intefere with simply by competing for resources such as memory and CPU. This is NOT recommended for low-power devices such as handhelds, phones, nor for any battery-powered devices.

This page is a human- and machine- readable page for interacting with the Scorer system, indicating a relatively small subset of exhibits to calibrate Scorers against (eg because they are proving especially easy or difficult to predict correct scores for) and the calibration data for those exhibits. Results are posted back via this page. You can even try hand-crafting an optimal set of parameters and posting them here!

Because of the potential for bad data to be entered here by accident or mischief, results posted back are canonicalised and screened for safety, and logged by source.

Download and run the Java Web Start worker to help find an optimal Scorer for the Gallery. Requires a recent Java installed on your machine, and 128MB of free memory. Should work on any reasonably fast (1GHz+) Windows/Linux/Solaris/Mac. Runs in the Java 'sandbox' to ensure that it cannot harm your computer.

This system is able to support '@Home' clients at this moment.

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