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3D Walkthrough - Beta

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Gallery 3D Walkthrough Beta

This is an early-access version of the Gallery 3D walkthrough using Java3D. You will need Java 1.6 (JSE6) and/or Java Web Start installed to use it, on a fairly powerful modern machine (eg 1GHz+ CPU, 1GB+ memory, Windows XP). If your machine has multiple CPUs then this will try to make use of them.

The main features still to be added include:

  • More robust installation and navigation.
  • Fallback to use small exhibits directly if no thumbnails available.
  • Handling of audio and movie/animation exhibits.
  • Handling of VRML and other 3D formats within the Gallery in general.
  • A fully-released JWS version of the underlying JAI libraries from java.net.

To navigate in this 3D view, use the mouse. In my setup, holding the right mouse button down while moving the mouse moves in the X/Y plane, and holding down the ALT key and left mouse button while moving the mouse up and down moves in the Z direction (holding down the middle mouse button may also work for you). Click on an exhibit or its caption to select it (ie to see more details about the exhibit in your browser).

Launch the beta Gallery 3D Walkthrough with Java Web Start.

Take a look at the Javadoc and Java source code.

Take a look at the Gallery of 3D (not connected with this gallery).

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